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if the stress is not related to a specific problem or life goal and is more of a general feeling of anxiety or worry, it may be seen as meaningless, unproductive and not helpful in solving any specific problem or getting closer to a desired goal

If you keep this up, long-term stress can turn into...

  • anxiety 
  • depression 
  • burnout 
  • frustration 
  • despair 
  • chronic stress

... and the diseases of civilization :( Our times unfortunately contribute to this.


It doesn't matter if these ailments have already befallen you or not, you have the opportunity to TURN STRESS INTO


immediate JOY,
personal EFFICIENCY,
a feeling of FULFILLMENT and
positive ENERGY

3 steps that really work

1. Discover goals leading to personal fulfillment

With the simple questions and tools of Logotherapy, you will make sense of your stress and deepen your personal motivation, which is a major component of psychological resilience, especially in difficult times

2. Focus on the essentials

Find out how to maximize your resilience to stress. Test your concentration, behaviour and physical aspects of your life. Which attitude and change will be most effective for you?

3. Bring change to life

Engage in life with new habits. Integrate your newly acquired attitudes in a way that fits your purpose and makes sense to you

programme for increasing mental resilience

Includes personal tests and workbooks to guide you to a meaningful life where stress becomes your friend.

✦ Focused on the search for meaning and its role in increasing resilience to stress.

✦ How a rediscovered sense helps you to focus on the essentials and how it affects the physical, emotional and mental planes of your life.
✦ You will learn how to change attitudes and behaviours to bring you real joy.

✦ You will create your personal plan and find out how to make changes in your life.

✦ Feedback on your progress and discover what you can still improve - TIPS & TRICKS.

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